Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

It's Veterans Day. Many schools are closed for the day but you can still incorporate Veterans Day in your classroom.  You can adopt a soldier and write letters to him/her. At circle time you can explain why we celebrate Veterans Day. Your art center can be overhauled for the occasion. Make flags, paint with red, white and blue, make necklaces with red, white and blue beads, the possibilities are really endless. If you are in a Montessori classroom, change over your practical life center. All of the work can be changed to red, white and blue. Change your water color, sponges and the like. Maybe your children have family members that are in the military. Invite them in to speak or have a special breakfast to celebrate their service. Enjoy the day, remember why we have Veterans Day and teach your children about our servicemen and servicewomen.

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