Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parental judgement

You didn't breastfeed? You put your kid in daycare? You aren't working? You are working? Do these questions sound familiar? I never heard or thought of these questions until I became a mom. What surprises me the most is that these questions are frequently thrown at moms from other moms. We can be so judgemental of others. I wonder why? Why can't we support each other instead of tearing each other apart? I often wonder what the "mom world" would be like if we had conversations instead of criticism. I may not agree with some choices that some moms make but they may not like the way I do things either, and that is ok! What works in one house may not work in another. I will admit that I keep my kids on a routine and schedule, I didn't breastfeed, I have been a working mom and stay at home mom too. Over the last nine years I have found what works for me and what does not work for me. The choices that I have made may not be choices that other moms would make. That's ok because nobody knows my kids like I do......
What do you think? Have you come across other parents that question your decisions? How did you handle it?

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