Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting involved

Yesterday I volunteered in my daughter's Kindergarten classroom. It was rainy and dreary out and I honestly did not feel like going but I did. Those kids are amazing. My own daughter is happy to see me but so is the rest of the class. That really makes me feel great. It's only my third time going in but it is so rewarding. I still get to teach, without any of the added responsibilities, which is kind of nice too.  I find it fascinating to see the different ability levels in the room. From children that are reading to children that need help in basic letter recognition. I wish I could do more for these kids.....
If you can spare an hour a week, try volunteering in your child's classroom. The teachers can use some help. They have large classes with a variety of children in them. The extra hands are always needed. Don't worry if you "don't know how to teach" It's ok. You can read them a story, work on the ABC's etc. More importantly, you can show your child and the other children that you care and that goes a long way. What a different world it would be if more adults got involved......endless possibilities.
How do you help out at your child's school? Let us know.

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