Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding your passion

How many times do we hear "find your passion"? I have always loved children. They fascinate me and they are cute too. Many years ago I found something called Montessori. I observed at a Montessori school because I was trying to land a job as a substitute teacher. I sat there in awe. While my jaw was on the floor I watched a class full of kids serve their own snacks. I saw them polish silver and work on their letter sounds. I also saw them using very strange materials to learn how to add and I was hooked!
After I taught for 15 years I made the decision to stay home full time with my own children. I love being home to take care of them, to volunteer at school, and to see them get off the bus in the afternoon.
Teaching has its ups and downs as does parenting. I feel that my next journey in life is this, to pass on whatever I have learned through my years as a Montessori teacher and mom. Lets enjoy these Montessori and mom moments together. The good ones and that ones that turn our hair gray(at least that is what I blame the gray on!) Thanks for reading!