Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breaking Habits

My first daughter never wanted a binky, never sucked her thumb, and never carried around a blanket. Oh, how easy I had it.  My second child wanted the binky, loved the binky!  At 18 months she gave it up cold turkey. Yahoo I thought, that was easy. Well, she then found her thumb. What would I do now? I can't throw out her thumb..can I? No, no, just kidding.  So, what did I do? Not much honestly. I encouraged her to keep her thumb out of her mouth and a few years later it has nearly worked.  Here and there I still catch her with her thumb in her mouth when she is really tired. So, here it is in print (or type I guess), I have no words of wisdom on this topic. If you do, please share your thoughts. Lets get a good Mammasori conversation going.


  1. I'm tapped on this one because CB has never sucked her thumb. She loved pacifier long time though (haha). Honestly, I didn't care that she used it as long as she did, we were pushing 2 1/2 by the time they were able to magically disappear for good. In my house, the art of weaving a wild tale seems to work like magic...LOL!

  2. I can only imagine the tale you told...thanks for sharing.